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I cut the film to a perfect fit on my windows. 3 weeks later I notice that there is considerable shrinkage, to the point that the film does not offer the desired privacy anymore because people can see through the gaps around the window now. The product also keeps falling down, giving my neighbors an open view into my home.

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“It’s really very beautiful. of the house was the easiest almost of my career,” Pearl said. Its southern orientation was fundamental for the passive-solar design. The sun-facing long side of the.

Some of them even trap heat or cold in to save money on your energy bill, and block out noise to muffle the sound of that leaf blower from next door. in the machine. "Beautiful modern pattern and.

Hand-laid stone, a majestic truss system and an arched doorway welcome guests on the front stoop. "The home was designed to blend into the surroundings and incorporate all the amenities the homeowners were looking for," says Eric Gordon of maple island log homes. "It is a wonderful design with massive log roof framing members." #LogCabinHomes.

If you look around at different houses, you’ll see many different styles of doors. Most homes have a single front door. But you’ll also see others that have two doors that sit next to each other, fanning open. And you’ll even see some doors that are rounded on the top. Most front doors are 36 inches wide and stand 80 inches in height.

Transom windows are decorative accent window types that help break up space or add a unique design focal point. A transom window is the decorative windows that you see installed above doors in upscale homes, or even above other windows in some instances. Installing transom windows cost $200 to $575 and make for a beautiful home accent. They.

45 Old ranch house design #farmhouse #housedesign #ranch > Fieltro.Net. The golden era of cinema still lasts and with it, some of the best celebrity homes interior design. Home Design Ideas. Luxury Decor Ideas. Mi patio es moderno. Mi patio es de ladrillo. – Luxury Today. 12489828208 mbayo.

"We had a lot of existing fabric that we could take inspiration from," Soho House design director Linda Boronkay told Dezeen. Glazed ceramic tiles in rich shades of blue, stained glass windows. and.