A third of all empty homes in Europe are found in Spain

Europe’s growing problem of homelessness could be solved at a stroke, say campaigners. They point to the findings of a new study which has revealed that there are 11 million empty properties across Europe, including 3.4 million in Spain which tops the charts as the continent’s worst offender.

Half the shutters in the 6 floor building opposite ours are permanently down – a sure sign of an empty home – and no-one has lived next to, or below us, for as long as we have been here. There are a vast number of unoccupied flats in the centre of Madrid, a problem that is reflected in large cities all over Spain.

More people wait longer to buy their first home Average prices in the UK increased by 1.4% in the year to March 2019, official data shows – PropertyWire Year-on-year, prices across the country went up by an average of 2.1% in March, compared to 1.5% in February. By region, after Wales , the biggest annual house price increase was seen in the West Midlands , which registered a 5.1% rise to 219,941, followed by the north-west at 4.7%, bringing the average property price there up to 189,900.First-time buyers tended to stay in their homes 11 years, four years fewer than buyers who previously owned a home. First-time buyers also tended to be younger. These buyers are far more likely to.

For the last fifteen years I have regularly considered adding a significant property section to ThisIsSpain. I recognised that it was important and I knew that a significant percentage of the visitors to the site would value such information.

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Europe has over 11 million empty homes, 2.4 million of which are in France, a new report claimed this week. That is more than enough to house Europe’s growing homeless population, currently.

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The ghost towns of Spain: Images that are desolate symbols of collapsed property market With its empty streets, bricked-up shops and deserted playgrounds, the sprawling residential development of.

Types of property in Spain. At the property market in Spain is possible to find different types of properties.It is important to know their features due to they do not have the same rights, obligations and opportunities of enjoyment.. Urban and Rural properties; Independent property Vs Property in a Community of Owners

Council levies fines over 12 properties that have been empty for. Those fined have a month to find tenants or face an additional charge of 10,000 (7,300).. In 2013, the Catalan city of Terrassa set a precedent in Spain when it. to a third of all empty homes across Europe – and the 95 homes a day.