Bank CEO charged with approving Manafort’s risky loan to get role in Trump administration

According to the indictment, Stephen Calk, the CEO of mortgage lender Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, was accused with corruptly soliciting an appointment by approving $16 million in loans.

Banking executive indicted in alleged loan scheme with Manafort wanted top role in Trump administration: Prosecutors originally appeared on Chicago-based financier Stephen Calk was.

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Stephen Calk leaves Federal court, Thursday, May 23, 2019, in New york. calk charged in New York with issuing loans to win a role in President Donald Trump’s administration has pleaded not guilty.

Stephen Calk, the one-time CEO of the Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, has been charged by the Justice Department of approving risky loans in exchange for a position in the Trump administration.

Chicago bank CEO accused of bribing Manafort for Trump administration job. post in President Donald Trump’s administration by making risky loans to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

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Stephen Calk, the CEO of The Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, was named to Trump’s 13-member economic advisory team in August 2016. He got that post after overruling bank employees who raised concerns about a mortgage loan application filed by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, prosecutors suggested in court documents filed friday.

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Manafort’s Trial for Bank Fraud Will Include Evidence of Trump Campaign Quid Pro Quo. "The government intends to present evidence that although various Lender D employees identified serious issues with the defendant’s loan application, the senior executive at Lender D interceded in the process and approved the loan," reads a filing submitted by.

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