Being white and reading Ta-Nehisi Coates

Reading this book was like being punched in the gut. But it’s a blow I hope more people can take because this book needs to be read. Structured as a letter to his teenage son, Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about what it means to be a black man in America. His writing is eloquent and powerful, beautiful and heartbreaking, strident and yet bleak.

Ta-Nehisi Coates grapples with white backlash to the first black. from a struggling unknown to one of the most widely read writers of our time.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, currently one of the most celebrated journalists in America, particularly for his examinations of race in the United States and the abuses of the black body over the past few hundred years, wrote a book riffing on James Baldwin’s 1963 The Fire Next Time (which has been added to my reading list, of course).

One of the books I read for guidance was Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Much has been made about Coates by white readers. [1] As a woman who identifies as white, I found that this book has shifted my perspective on my work as a water quality and community planner.

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You should read ta-nehisi coates’ s article The First White President.The article sat with me for a while, I’ve been thinking about it on and off since it came out a few weeks ago and, eventually I reread it to pin down my reaction.. Have you read Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book, his letter to his son about being black in America.

Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates.. A reader of this blog named Joanna generously gave me a Kindle version of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book Between the. the elevation of the belief in being white, was.

On Being a a White Liberal in the Era of Ta-Nehisi Coates. everything he has written for The Atlantic and other publications is worth reading.

“Trump truly is something new-the first president whose entire political existence hinges on the fact of a Black president.” is a daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning in-depth.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose 2014 article “The Case for Reparations. We honor treaties that date back some 200 years despite no one being alive who signed those treaties. Many of us would love to be.