EU urged to look into cartel claim on trackers

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A Commission’s anti-trust investigation into an alleged cartel. Skip to Content . An official website of the European Union. See all European Institutions. European Parliament;. Find out more about our fast-track procedure to deal with access to documents complaints.

The claim was struck out by the UK High Court with confirmation that claims for cartel damages arising from non-EU purchases may not succeed where they lack a sufficiently close territorial.

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The EU Cartel Settlement Procedure: latest developments flavio laina and Aleko Bogdanov* I. The settlement procedure in EU competition law The settlement procedure was introduced in EU competi-tion law rules with the adoption of the CommissionNotice on the conduct of settlement procedures1 in 2008. The in-

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The Commission launched a damages claim in 2008 on behalf of the EU after its had fined the four companies and Mitsubishi Elevator Europe 992 million euros ($1.3 billion) for the cartel in Belgium.

Moreover, a Social Scoreboard has been established to track trends and performances across EU Member States in 12 areas and to assess progress towards a social triple A’ rating for the EU as a whole. The results of the Social Scoreboard will feed into the European Semester of economic policy coordination and will help enhance its focus on.

LG Dortmund dismissed the plaintiff’s claim for lack of jurisdiction. From the outset, LG Dortmund held that cartel damages claims are arbitrable under German law.

The latest pact is expected to extend a milestone deal first struck between Opec and a Russian-led alliance of nations outside the cartel in the wake of the oil price crash.

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