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Five year products are the most popular for owners remortgaging 2 months ago | The vast majority, some 97%, of those who remortgaged in April did so with a fixed rate product, demonstrating their continued popularity in the remortgage market.

Most customers need to switch banks to get the best deal. “In the UK, for instance, there are only a handful of banks that would offer their old clients what they would offer their new clients. And.

Rise in popularity of five-year fixes for remortgaging. In April, nearly half (47%) of the remortgage market was represented by five-year fixes – the highest proportion in six months. April’s resurgence is a significant increase from the previous month when five-year fixed rates made up 36% of the remortgage market. Demand for five-year fixes is also higher than April 2017 when it was 34%.

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Most fixed rate deals run for between two and five years, although some are longer. Fixed rate mortgages are the most popular mortgage type for people looking to remortgage, according to moneysupermarket mortgage comparison quote searches from January 2016 – July 2018.

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Of those 1,434 fixed-rate deals, two and five-year fixes are by far the most common, though three-year products make up nearly a 10th of the market. These figures reflect the trend of five-year fixes becoming more popular in the residential market as a whole, as borrowers look to tie in their rates for longer during a time of economic uncertainty.

Five year fixed mortgages remain popular in the UK. The UK has seen a substantial year on year increase in the demand for five year fixed rate remortgages, now making up 42% of the overall lending market.. ‘While most borrowers remortgage to switch deals or save money, we have seen an.