Genius Costco Food Hacks That Actually Don’t Require A Membership

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All you have to do is elicit the help of a friend with a membership to get you a Costco cash card.. Costco hacks: Money-saving tips, tricks and deals. 2 / 36. Back. So don’t be afraid to go.

And now the Costco club is about to get much larger. Thanks to San Francisco based company Instacart , you don’t even need to be a member to shop. Boom, an instant $60 saved!

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Just beware that although you don’t need a membership card at the register, you may need to pay with cash. If your only option is an in-store food court, Cooking Light confirms that all you need to do is tell the employee at the door that you’re there to eat, and you’ll be allowed entrance sans Costco card.

Some of the hacks have been mentioned, like spotting marked-down items, buying liquor or prescription drugs, and ordering food court items from the front end, and I’ve answered the many ways to get in without a membership here: answer to How can y.

You’ll still need your wallet handy to pay as the app is only for verifying membership at this time. The app also doesn’t work at Costco Gas, so don’t forget your regular membership card at the pump. -Shahrzad Warkentin. Featured photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr . related stories. 20+ money saving Tips for Target, Costco, Trader Joe’s.

First of all, before we get on to the secrets of Costco, even if you don’t have a membership, you can still use the pharmacy, purchase liquor, or visit the members desk. (You will still need the.