Harsh words fly as Gimenez and Regalado meet for first time

"Everyone is asking me if I’m OK? I’m just concerned if the ball is alright." Syndergaard pitched well for the first five innings, as he allowed just four hits and no runs. But the Phillies went on to.

Harsh words fly as Gimenez and Regalado meet for first time Last Tuesday, the country watched in suspense as kidnapped soldier gilad Shalit returned home for the first time in more than five years. Cameras rolled as a weary-looking Shalit hugged his parents while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who signed off on the deal for his release.

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Harsh words fly as Gimenez and Regalado meet for first time | Miami Herald. Harsh words fly as Gimenez and Regalado meet for first time. At the time, she had halted mortgage payments and the.

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Mets 1B Dominic Smith may not have been GM Sandy Alderson’s first choice to replace Adrian Gonzalez, but it may work out in the long run. Smith was promoted from Triple-A Las Vegas after Gonzalez.

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Harsh words fly as Gimenez and Regalado meet for first time Rumors, notes and ideas, and what’s next for Mets – 4) Alderson really likes Brandon Nimmo, who he described as "interesting." "First of all, he had almost an .800 OPS last year in limited playing time," Alderson said.

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Alderson said Saturday that Reyes is "remorseful" for what happened. "I did meet with Jose personally," Alderson said on a conference call. "We talked for about an hour. Obviously this domestic abuse.

I talk to him all the time. He’s a great ball player, and he’s having a great year. He just got called up to AA and hit his first home run the other day. I love him, he’s a great player, and great.