Here are South Florida’s largest office and retail sales in April

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If you live in Florida and you’re looking for a job, you have come to the right place.. Because, sure, you can google things like ‘biggest companies in Florida’ and get a fairly long list of companies with a lot of employees, or perhaps that have the biggest names – but here, we bring you the companies with the most current employees that are actually headquartered in Florida.

South Florida’s office market this year is "off to a quiet start," jll research shows. tenants are moving to high-quality offices, but the pace has slowed, and older, vacated spaces are becoming.

NC House and Senate leaders propose competing tax cut plans. Here’s how they’d affect your taxes The House today passed, on a 224 to 196 vote, the fiscal year 2020 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill. The legislation provides annual funding for the Department of the Treasury, the Judiciary, the Executive Office of the President, and other independent agencies, including the Small Business Administration.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research As of April 1, 2016 atlantic ocean gulf of Mexico. wholesale and retail trade sector is the largest employment sector in the HMA, accounting for nearly 20 percent of. than 207,000 jobs in south florida (miami-dade county data). In 2015,

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Here are South Florida’s Largest Office and Retail Sales in April MiamiCentral, which opened last year, includes the office buildings and an apartment component that’s under construction. A food hall is also expected to open soon at the train station.

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 · Here are the top 10 in both categories. Kroger is the world’s biggest supermarket chain, and also pops up in the list of biggest retailers overall. The Balance Small Business

South Florida’s largest retail sales in 2017 Top five ranged from a $48M shopping center in Coral Springs to $283M sale of 1111 Lincoln By Amanda Rabines | December 29, 2017 04:30PM

At first glance, the telling story here would be the. Paris was the largest recipient of foreign capital during the first half of the year, with activity heavily concentrated in the office sector.