Here’s how one real estate group plans to use crowdsourcing to remodel a Shandon home

Here’s how one real estate group plans to use crowdsourcing to remodel a Shandon home The process of crowdfunding : They could not enter into expensive real estate investments. But with the emergence of real estate crowd funding, they could directly invest in the business.

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Benefits for Investors. With real estate crowdfunding the bar is much lower. RealtyShares, for example, offers deals with a $5,000 minimum. Diversification Between debt and equity investments in both commercial and residential properties and real estate funds, investors have the opportunity to gain exposure to a new asset class.

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Here’s how one real estate group plans to use crowdsourcing to remodel a Shandon home. The public can pick the charities as well. The "Flip & Give" home, as it is called, is located at 3317 Duncan St. in the popular Shandon neighborhood in Columbia. Company co-owner Graeme Moore described the home as a "typical" shandon bungalow built in the 1920s. "It’s just charming," he said.

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Crowdsourcing is the tool you need if you’re looking to divide and conquer. At its core, crowdsourcing is distributed problem solving. Business projects are drilled down to microtasks, which are then distributed to workers with the exact skills to complete them efficiently.