I accidentally burned down my dad’s house after lighting a candle – and he doesn’t have insurance

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I have just accidentally burned my own house down while the wife was out, should I blame the cat or my son?. But then the feline doesn’t have opposable thumbs to hold the matches, so its hard to see him committing the villainous deed either.. You had lit a candle, placed it carefully on.

Even though you may be under the impression that the candle will do no harm, anything can happen to start a fire. Burning a candle unsupervised is a very, very dangerous thing to do. besides the fact that you could possibly burn the house down, there is also the fact that burning candles leave emissions that can cause lung problems, and the carbon they emit can be linked to lung cancer.

Depends what kind of glass you’re using. Some uses the real glass jar while some uses the plastic jar. It also depends on the location of the jar, types of candle, materials around the jar and local weather. But don’t take any risk. Have a jar with taller in size than your candle might solve the problem.

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Traditionally, arson was a crime that prohibited burning someone else’s home, dwelling, or nearby property. Its purpose was to protect people from having their property burned while they were still inside. Today, modern arson laws have expanded the traditional definition and now cover burning any type of property.

Homeowner’s insurance covers the costs of rebuilding in case of fire, and will also pay for living expenses while the home is rebuilt. While the insurance will pay for lost possessions, how much.

So the question then is are you able to apply for candle insurance? For businesses like restaurants and hotels this is possible but only at a high fee.. My girlfriends dad left their family home about 12 years ago, If i left a candle on at home will it burn the house down? 50%.

Real estate sector ‘turns on dime’ as housing prospects lift The country’s real estate market has struggled this year, but is expected to lift after next year’s elections. This year has been challenging for the country’s property market with political instability, rising inflation, recession and record fuel prices the major hurdles.