Miami region releases collaborative resilience strategy

collaborative is the Sumner M. redstone global center. Equity is the overarching goal for the Dallas BCR effort as outlined in the city’s resilience strategy. Transitioning. region to build community resilience. BCR also provides policy support, helping the Dallas team identify and align policy opportunities on the national, state,

Catalyst Miami and its partners are leading this effort to answer the question, "What will it take to ensure that climate-resilience strategies in our region are truly reflective of, and meet the needs and interests of, low-income communities?" miami climate resilience Collaborative

Miami region releases collaborative resilience strategy communities in the Greater Miami area banded together to create a regional resilience strategy, Resilient305. The effort is a collaboration between the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County (comprised of 34 cities), The Miami Foundation and 100 Resilient Cities.

(Miami, FL May 30, 2019) – Miami-Dade County, City of Miami and City of Miami Beach today announced the release of the Resilient305 Strategy, an unprecedented plan that entails multilateral collaboration between governmental, nongovernmental, business and academic organizations to address the shocks and stresses in the Greater Miami & the Beaches region and ensure a resilient and thriving future for all – environmentally, economically and socially.

for-profit groups in the region in thinking about building a collaborative platform for the future resilience strategy. The intent of the workshop was to develop participants’ understanding and exposure to resilience thinking as well as review the issues that GM&B is facing. The workshop was held in the midst of the Zika

Semarang to release their comprehensive Resilience Strategy: Moving together towards a Resilient Semarang. For over four centuries, Semarang has been the focal point of trade in Indonesia, and a destination for people from all different backgrounds in the region. It takes a bold and honest view of the wide variety of challenges

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U.S.-Caribbean Resilience Partnership On April 12, 2019, Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan led an interagency team of United States senior officials and experts to U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) headquarters in Miami, Florida, where he hosted ministers and disaster management officials from 18 Caribbean countries, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, and the Regional.