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Answers. Churchill won the seat of Dundee in the elections of 1908. He rarely paid his constituency a visit however and he was mightily relieved to win the by-election forced upon him on being asked to rejoin the Cabinet in 1917. He also retained the seat in the 1919 election. churchill lost the seat at the next election.

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The best surveys use a variety of question types to get lots of different data. Whether you’re asking customers for feedback on your business or doing a survey of your neighbors, you’ll likely want to include both closed- and open-ended questions.

By answering this question, the respondent is announcing that they drink beer. However, many people dislike beer or will not drink alcohol and therefore can’t answer the question truthfully. Usually, loaded questions are best avoided by pretesting your survey to make sure every respondent has a way to answer honestly.

Dundee (UK Parliament constituency) From 1832 to 1868 it elected one Member of Parliament (MP) using the first-past-the-post voting system, and from 1868 until its abolition for the 1950 general election it elected two MPs using the bloc vote system.

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Interview candidates at MP rate the interview process an overall neutral experience. interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for MP is easy. Some recently asked MP interview questions were, "Basic Electronics And projects" and "How to market a product". 57% of the interview applicants applied online.

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