Rates, inventory going up – the spring housing market could be interesting

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Fed rate cut to boost Hong Kong new home sales: industry observers Observers and analysts have attributed the reasons for the 2001-2006 housing bubble and its. It also set strict limits on Banks' interest rates and loans.. as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Japan, Seoul, Sydney, and Hong Kong; large trends.. of developable land and thus increase prices for new housing construction.

Realtor.com forecasts home prices to increase by 2.2% nationally.. ” Unfortunately, it's only going to even cost more to buy, especially in the entry level market. To be. in growing markets where you will see more inventory growth.. It's no surprise, Millennials are making up the key share of buyers as their.

Housing Bubble 2.0 is doomed for the same reason Housing Bubble 1.0 was doomed: speculators binged on cheap credit supplied by the Fed’s ultra-easy monetary policies to drive up housing beyond all logical limits, and then suddenly the supply of Greater Fools dried up and the market tanked.

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 · Turning to the latest Real Estate trends, we finished up 2011 with another month of sales outpacing listings and inventory going down (for the 7th straight month) throughout most of the SF Bay Area. Overall, there was a net drop of ~40% of residential property inventory year-over-year from Dec 2010 to Dec 2011.

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Here are nine housing and mortgage trends to watch for in 2019. Real estate has been a seller’s market. rates on fixed-rate mortgages go up, you’ll see more borrowers opting for adjustable-rate.

We got spoiled in 2016. Mortgage rates fell below 4 percent at the beginning of the year, and they spent the summer flirting with record lows. And they began 2017 above 4.25 percent. It’s a good idea to keep things in perspective, though. For most of the past 50 years,

It will be all about the affordability vs supply and demand. Mortgage rates are also expected to go up to about 4.6% by the end of 2018. 2017 Portland Real Estate Market Summary. 2017 has been still hot overall but with signs of slowing down in many areas. 2017 real estate trends have been quite interesting actually.

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The number of market rate housing units increased. and typically you’re going to pay less for your mortgage payment than a rent payment in the Dayton area.” Real estate agents say the inventory.