Report: Home prices rise in Raleigh; fall in Durham-Chapel Hill in March

The increases in Durham-Chapel Hill are outpacing the statewide average rise in the housing price index, which sat at 5.2 percent in February. Raleigh is a different story. While prices continue to rise in the City of Oaks, the state’s capital is not outpacing the statewide average, according to CoreLogic’s data.

It is significant to know that there is 13% rise in market price of homes in 27610 whereas there is fall in price in other parts of the country. The triangular belt – Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill is a metropolitan area called the "Jewel of America."

The averages, meanwhile, were $3.572 in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, $3.558 in Fayetteville and $3.536 in. level every six months using a formula based on wholesale fuel prices. Last fall, the.

Home prices in the durham-chapel hill metro area increased more than the national average in October, while Raleigh’s home price appreciation was slightly below average.

The Research Triangle, commonly referred to as simply The Triangle, is a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina in the United States, anchored by the three major research universities of North Carolina State University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as the cities of Raleigh and Durham and the town of Chapel Hill.

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All Raleigh Homes for Sale Raleigh homes for sale appreciated by almost 10% from the month of April to June. In our post from June we hinted at the fact that July would show a bit of a pull back and it did. From the staggering $24,000 rise between April and June, home prices in Raleigh are catching their breath with a $10,000 pull back in average sale price.

RALEIGH – The deep freeze continues Wednesday as temperatures. Duke Power: 118,000 customers total, 10,000 in Durham-Chapel Hill area CP&L: 101,000 customers The North Carolina Electric.

For instance, if all others things were equal, I might be willing to invest in a more levered REIT that focused its activities in the Triangle region of North carolina (raleigh/durham/chapel hill..

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The top three cities leading year-over-year home price growth were Seattle, Washington at 12.70 percent, Las Vegas, Nevada with 11.10 percent growth and San Francisco, California with 9.20 percent growth in home prices. None of the 20 cities in the index saw home prices fall in 2017 even after adjustments for inflation.