‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery

Years of accumulated debt, resold and repackaged, complex and unstable finally brought the house down, and the first to fall was Lehman Brothers, a firm built by three brothers who moved from 1840s Germany to Alabama to sell suits and fabrics, who became the architects of a new mode of business, they were "the middle men".

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‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery If the play holds up a mirror to our moment, it is by registering slavery in a peripheral glance only to look away. by Sarah Churchwell via New York Review of Books on June 11, 2019

We learn how Lehman Brothers Cotton moves to financing railroads and becomes Lehman Brothers Bank when the government of Alabama subsidies it. It’s now known as crony capitalism or socialism for the rich. The bank will move to Wall Street as industrialization puts down strong roots and will become an investment bank.

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A new bank of Mum and Dad The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery Sam Mendes brings "The Lehman Trilogy" to London’s national theatre. tracing the fortunes of the family and the firm through the civil war and the wall street crash, this is a saga about.Opening a branch’ of the Bank of Mum and Dad Many parents are always.

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Wall Street and slavery are connected in other ways. Wall Street got its name because of a physical wall built there along the river to protect New York City from invasion. Slave labor built the wall and much of the city. Slave auctions were held at the foot of Wall Street when ships carrying enslaved Africans arrived.

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‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery. Sarah Churchwell.. Post’s Richard Cohen, it was an astonishing flaw that the play "fails to mention that Henry, Emanuel, and Mayer Lehman were slave-owners." No american writer today would make such an excision, Cohen argued.

STUDY GUIDES, ARTICLES AND A VIDEO FOR 2016 election organizers.. Many resources on anti-slavery texts and how to present them.. ‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery 6 July, 2019, 10:41 pm;

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