Three-year tenancies to pile pressure on buy-to-let landlords

This writer (and landlord) says we need longer tenancies to protect renters and improve the reputation of landlords. There’s strong speculation that three-year tenancies could be introduced within the next few days and some landlords are worried. Not me. A report in The Sun claimed that the.

Whilst the majority of tenants cause no issues for landlords there can be those that become a nightmare, according to a report in Even an experienced landlord can be faced with one of the worst-case scenarios of being left with a filthy and/or damaged property as well as unpaid rent once a tenant has vacated.

Three-Year Mandatory Tenancies Could Turn Landlords to Holiday Lets. With all the current turmoil in the private rented sector (prs), and with inspiration from the UK’s current heat-wave, it could become likely that landlords will move their focus to holiday let investments, instead.

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The timing of the report therefore is rather auspicious given that the Government’s consultation on introducing minimum three-year tenancies in the private rented sector closed at the weekend, and landlords now await a decision with some apprehension.

Until recently, most buy-to-let lenders required a standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy of 6 or 12 months. If a landlord offered longer contracts they would have been breaching the conditions of their mortgage.

Longer-term tenancies: NLA reacts to three-year proposals. "This is supposed to be about meeting the needs of the consumer. NLA research with tenants finds consistently that around 40% of tenants want longer tenancies, but 40% do not. More than 50% consistently say that they are happy with the tenancy length they were offered,

A public consultation on the three-year tenancy model will end on August 26. Do tenants want longer tenancies? Richard Lambert, chief executive of the national landlords association, said: "This is supposed to be about meeting the needs of consumers.

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A law allowing landlords to throw out private tenants without giving a. data by the pressure group generation rent suggests that 216 households. we need to do more and we are consulting on three-year minimum tenancies.”.. Funds should be created for local authorities to build (and buy up) homes.