Toronto condo projects sold since 2016 in danger of cancellation, analysis finds

Builders in Toronto’s frenzied condo market are walking away from giant towers they have pre-sold, reflecting a rougher road to profits – and leaving buyers in the lurch.

Some tactics are traditional; turning churches into condos or tearing. will be shuttered, sold off or demolished over the next 10 years. That’s about 9,000 buildings and spaces, according to Robert.

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Project Cancellations . According to Urbanation, there are 10,622 condo units in the greater Toronto area that were offered for pre-sale before 2017 and still await construction. Since the start of last year, 17 projects, with 3,627 units, have been cancelled in the region, according to real-estate-services firm Altus Group Ltd.

Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. A raft of condo project cancellations over the past 18 months has left thousands of presale buyers in the Toronto area out in the cold. Now, a Globe.

The One Thing All The top selling toronto condo projects Have in Common I’ve noticed a trend that developed in 2013 that has now carried over into 2014 with the massively successful launch of CORE Condos last week: 1) the condo projects that are selling well, the ones that are reaching 50,60,70% sold in a matter of weeks, are the projects who.

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