Wednesday: FOMC Minutes

Monetary policy will likely dictate the financial markets on Wednesday, as the Federal Reserve gets set to unveil the minutes of last month’s policy meeting. There’s not a lot of action.

The FOMC delivers its interest-rate decision, and tech giant Oracle reports earnings. Here’s what to know in markets Wednesday.

Once the FOMC statement is released at 2:00 pm EDT on Wednesday-and once Chairman Powell concludes his press conference some 90 minutes later-you will be bombarded with analysis of how great things are, how the Fed may be "behind the curve" and how several more rate hikes will be forthcoming in 2019.

All eyes are on Wednesday’s FOMC Minutes and the beginning of the Jackson Hole Summit on Thursday. On any other week, the minutes would be big news. However, Jackson Hole will be where to get.

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Actual, previous and consensus values with detailed economic analysis for United States FOMC Minutes.

Gold edged lower on Wednesday as equities gained and investors awaited minutes. “(Market participants) are just being.

Wednesday FOMC Preview – Blue chip consensus estimate for Q2 GDP growth shown in the Atlanta Fed Nowcast was at 2% on May 5 th. Surely, if the Fed was planning to cut rates, it would have said so in the past 5 weeks. Estimate is now at 1.7% which isn’t much of a difference.

On Wednesday, the Fed released the minutes of the FOMC’s December meeting. As usual, the minutes followed the standard format, mirroring the way presentations and discussions proceed at FOMC meetings.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting Minutes are a detailed record of the committee’s policy-setting meeting held about two weeks earlier. The minutes offer detailed insights regarding.

The minutes of regularly scheduled meetings are released three weeks after the date of the policy decision. (Official website) fomc meeting schedule 2019 (fomc Meeting calendar ) Also on Wednesday, FOMC minutes from last month’s meeting will release along with the march federal budget report.

I posted this chart in my May 22 Report. It showed the MAY 1 Fed Mtg: GDX SOLD OFF ON FED WEDNESDAY, and BOTTOMED THE VERY NEXT DAY. I then said on May 22, that when they release the FOMC Minutes- GOLD & GDX might bottom again. WE should watch for that, and. FOMC Minutes on May 22.