Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

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Microsoft wants the government to regulate facial recognition technology By: Kelsey D. Atherton July 18, 2018 Facial recognition technology is a tool largely developed and refined in the commercial sector that could have tremendous implications in processing images captured by surveillance platforms.

In 2017, there was a report about a Chinese boy known as Liu, whose iPhone X’s facial recognition lock software. “We do not want to own all of that,” she emphasizes.

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Microsoft is asking Congress to create a bipartisan, expert-led committee to draft regulations for facial recognition, the company’s president Brad Smith wrote in a blog post today. But the.

Facial recognition will require the public and private sectors alike to step up – and to act. We’ve set out below steps that we are taking, and recommendations we have for government regulation. First, some context. Facial recognition technology has been advancing rapidly over the past decade.

“By taking these high-profile positions, Microsoft is able to highlight its own thought leadership. limit how artificial.

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Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT What’s really happening to house prices Denham’s Choice is to side with Wall Street The FCC is going to war over set-top boxes – According to the wall street journal, Tom Wheeler is planning to give consumers far more choice over what hardware they can use.

Microsoft has called on the US government to step in and regulate the use of facial recognition technologies. Chris Middleton explains why. "All tools can be used for good or ill. Even a broom can be used to sweep the floor or hit someone over the head," wrote Microsoft president, Brad Smith, in.

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Microsoft wants facial recognition to be regulated, cites government surveillance. It’s clear that, with recent events such as the separation of immigrants in the United States, and the outcry from the public, tech companies, and employees of tech companies, that work is needed in the field of facial recognition.

Despite the blatant attempt to weaponize privacy for its own benefit, Microsoft’s call for government regulation of facial recognition systems is nonetheless an important development. It will place pressure on the other major players in this sector to acknowledge the importance of protecting privacy in their rush to exploit the technology.