‘Should I expand my property portfolio?’

How to expand your property portfolio? Assuming you have some equity in your first property, you might be able to re-mortgage it to raise the deposit for a second. This is actually the most tax-efficient way to release your profit as you won’t have to pay capital gains tax.

How To Increase Your Rental Portfolio: A Step-By-Step Guide.. Building a rental property portfolio is, in itself, a completely different strategy. Those serious about increasing their portfolio should do so slowly over time. Before you know it, you will have a sizable portfolio supporting you.

If you already own one or more properties then you can speed up your property growth by leveraging the equity you have in your properties. Saving deposits is a slow and tedious process. If you can tap into the wealth of your portfolio and use that to buy more property then you can grow your portfolio much quicker.

"Depending on where you live, there may be events that can trigger a reassessment of your property and a more significant increase to your annual tax bill," says Lexi Newman, a realtor in Los.

where a focus on risk aversion should be paramount. In the case of this specific article, I am not recommending any investor follow my lead on the design of their portfolio. However, I have been asked.

“Summer is the perfect time to rebalance your portfolio and start tax planning,” Baker says. “Investors should look for. as Roth conversions can increase taxable income for the year..

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Starting a property portfolio from scratch eight years ago, Sean O’Connor had no idea it would eventually lead him to a place in this year’s Young People’s Rich List.

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5 easy ways to increase your property management portfolio Vanessa de Souza Lage on Aug 19, 2015. With the low season looming (at least in most of Europe) it is a good time to start hunting for new product for your vacation rental portfolio. While this post is mainly aimed at professionals that.

Whether or not you expand your portfolio at this time will depend on multiple factors, including the ones outlined above, and your individual circumstances. It is always best to seek impartial advice, thoroughly assess your financial situation and goals prior to investing in a new property.

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